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When you need trusted commercial cleaning services for your premises in San Mateo and the nearby communities, look no further than Celestial Cleaning Service. Ensuring adequate conditions is essential for any facility, and our team has what it takes to render your space deeply sanitized and safe for your staff and clientele. With our 5-star rating, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive exceptional results that are fully customized to meet your needs.

Guaranteeing quality with our 5-star methods

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have what it takes to provide you with first-rate commercial cleaning services for your premises. Our team of reliable and dedicated professionals will go above and beyond to render your working environment comfortable, safe, and hygienic, so you and your staff can focus on streamlining your operations and enhancing your business. 

Our meticulous commercial cleaning service in San Mateo can help you keep your space pathogen-free without interrupting your operations. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals applies advanced methods and uses top-notch tools and supplies to carefully disinfect every nook and cranny in your facility, leaving it fresh and spotless.

Why our commercial cleaning service in San Mateo is your top choice

Streamlined Booking

Our user-friendly online platform allows you to book your commercial cleaning in just a few clicks.

Smooth Process

From fast booking to secure online payment, we’ve designed our operations to cater to your convenience.

Top Quality

We use high-end tools and products to provide you with a safe and hygienic work environment.

Safety as Top Priority

With our licensed, insured & bonded team, you can rest assured your facility is always safe.

Efficient Communication

Our helpful staff is always here to provide you with any additional information and answer your questions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied with our team’s performance, tell us in the next 24 hours, and we’ll quickly be there to make it right.

5-star commercial cleaning service you can trust

Our reliable crew boasts ample experience and exceptional skills they use to deliver optimal results that closely adhere to your personal requirements. Our comprehensive commercial cleaning services in San Mateo include packages focused on dental offices, apartment buildings, places of worship, schools, stores, strip malls, and other facilities. Our dedicated experts will go above and beyond to ensure your premises are properly sanitized and safe for all. 

We’ve made our commercial cleaning fully flexible and available to you before, after, or during, your work hours. With your satisfaction as our top priority, we’ve designed a reliable and extensive service that encompasses:

  • Bathrooms,
  • Common areas,
  • Kitchens areas,
  • Floors,
  • Furniture,
  • Desks.

We’ll have your space looking neat and professional, allowing your clients and staff to feel comfortable and motivated.

Commercial Cleaning

Enjoy a higher level of service that puts your needs front & center

With our unwavering dedication to quality and the skilled hands of our detail-oriented professionals, we give you tailored and optimized results every time. Moreover, our commercial cleaning service in San Mateo is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind. With open communication and an emphasis on client satisfaction, we strive to develop trust-based relationships with our customers.

Contact us today for a free estimate and trust our professionals to provide you with a tailored treatment.

What our clients say about us

Kent Gaisford
Kent Gaisford
November 12, 2023
On time. Went beyond expectations. My house was NEVER this clean. Thank you!!
Rebecca Rountree
Rebecca Rountree
October 18, 2023
Paulo did a great job on our windows. From our first contact to finishing the job, communication was quick and thorough. He was a pleasure to work with and our windows are sparkling!
Mitchell Ditson
Mitchell Ditson
October 10, 2023
They did a great job, the windows were sparkling!
Brenda Buenviaje
Brenda Buenviaje
October 3, 2023
Top notch service, excellent result and reasonable price. Will use his services again and again!
Nelly Litovskaya
Nelly Litovskaya
October 2, 2023
I have used celestial for building cleanings and unit turn over cleanings and so far it’s been a great experience. Paulo is super flexible on timing and always makes sure that cleanings are scheduled with no lag time. He is always responsive and professional. Their pricing is also to standard but their quality of work and the effort the team members put in to make sure the homes are cleaned properly is well worth the price (probably undercharging) overall I am incredibly impressed and very happy so far. Thank you so much Paulo and team!!
Monte Resch
Monte Resch
October 1, 2023
Awesome fast service! Sincerely appreciated thank you!
Keola Grundon
Keola Grundon
September 29, 2023
Paulo and his team did a great job with an unusual job. We have fragile french windows on the second floor of an office building that needed to be washed but we don't have access to a viable water source and they came through for us. Paulo was professional, communicated well throughout the process and I am very happy with their work. We'll definitely be using him and his team again.
Sarah Amos
Sarah Amos
September 26, 2023
Paulo was very professional and quite efficient! The windows are so clean it’s as if there is no window! Paulo was quick to respond and gave a fair price for the work. I also appreciate his very friendly personality. I highly recommend this company!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes a good commercial cleaner?

A good and trustworthy professional possesses several key qualities. They should be experienced, well-trained, and attentive. Reliability and punctuality are essential, ensuring that the services are continually provided as scheduled. In addition, effective communication skills are crucial for understanding and meeting your needs. The experts who deliver our commercial cleaning services in San Mateo tick all these boxes, providing you with a streamlined experience.

How do I find the best commercial cleaner?

You can start by researching local companies online and checking their reviews and references. Ask for recommendations from your colleagues or business associates. Interview companies that provide commercial cleaning services to assess their experience, offerings, and pricing. Feel free to ask about their methods, staff training, and insurance coverage. Finally, request a detailed proposal and compare quotes.

How long should commercial cleaning take?

The time necessary to complete all the required tasks can vary widely based on factors such as the size of your facility and the frequency of cleaning. For example, a nightly session at a standard workspace can take 1 to 2 hours, whereas larger or more complex spaces such as warehouses or medical facilities can require significantly more time. Reach out to our commercial cleaning service in San Mateo and we’ll provide you with precise information based on the specific characteristics of your facility.

What is the difference between housekeeping and commercial cleaning?

Housekeeping primarily focuses on maintaining residential spaces, including tasks such as tidying up, sanitizing, and organizing personal belongings. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, is tailored to businesses and involves more extensive cleaning of facilities. It typically includes tasks like disinfecting, vacuuming, and maintaining public areas to ensure a safe and professional environment for employees and customers.

Where can I find reliable commercial cleaning services near me in San Mateo, CA & nearby?

Celestial Cleaning Service is the company you can rely on to take adequate care of your premises, whether they are near the Central Park or close to the College of San Mateo. Our meticulous team of reliable professionals can provide you with exceptional results across the region. Contact us for:

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