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Workplace sanitation is the cornerstone of a productive, healthy, and well-functioning working environment. Unkempt offices leave a bad impression on business associates, stress and tire out the workforce, and create a negative image in the minds of potential clients and customers. This is why Celestial Commercial Cleaning Service in Oakland has been helping businesses put their best face forward for more than 2 decades. We’ll work in the service of your productivity and fine-tune our janitorial services according to the needs of your business.

Dependable janitorial cleaning services near you

As a commercial cleaning company that does everything in the service of your best interest, we surround ourselves with driven professionals with a clean background and plenty of relevant experience. We conduct in-person interviews, staff training, and periodic evaluations to retain the best workforce around. In addition, we make sure to keep an eye on the latest trends in cleaning technology to keep improving the efficiency of our janitorial services and boost your bottom line.

What sets apart our janitorial cleaning in Oakland

Personalized service

Because we understand that every business has its unique demands, we’re always open to tailoring our service according to your exact needs.

Premium quality

From a fully vetted, insured, and bonded crew to the finest cleaning products and tools, we put in a lot of effort to ensure that every aspect of our janitorial services reflects our commitment to excellence.

100% Satisfaction

We’re determined to keep on pleasing you with every appointment, so if you have any qualms about our performance just give us a call and we’ll be there in a flash to reclean the area.

Cashless payment

Paying for our janitorial services in Oakland involves no money exchanging hands. You can easily settle your bill using our cash-free system which is safe, convenient, and completely transparent.

Committed support

We never leave our cherished clients in a lurch. Our attentive and vigilant customer support personnel is always open to answering your questions, offering advice, and providing guidance when you need help.

Intuitive booking

To book your janitorial cleaning you won’t have to disclose any sensitive info. Just fill us in on the basics and we’ll furnish you with an appointment that is suited to your scheduling preferences.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our janitorial service

As the leaders in janitorial cleaning in Oakland and beyond, we back all our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re fully focused on delivering a consistently high standard of service that you can always count on. With our unwavering focus on reliability, you can rest assured that our offering will never let you down.

If by any chance any aspect of our janitorial services fails to meet the grade, alert us within 24 hours and we’ll send a team without delay to address the issue with no questions asked. Reach out to us and we’ll go out of our way to keep your offices and working areas neat, clean, and appealing year-round.

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2000+ happy clients & counting in the last twenty years

Derek Dewees
Derek Dewees
February 26, 2024
The team did an absolutely wonderful job. We had been away on a cruise for 3 months, so dust had built up. Such a joy to have everything so refreshed!
Nicole Rivas
Nicole Rivas
February 23, 2024
Paulo and his team are incredible! Setting up an a meeting for an initial quote was seamless and finding a schedule that would work for us was a breeze. Most importantly they do a fantastic job. Having previously used multiple companies for our office space l can safely say Celestial Cleaning Service are the best, highly recommend!
Meghan Easley
Meghan Easley
February 22, 2024
Our experience with Paulo and his team has been fantastic. Timely, great attention to detail, and very friendly. Would highly recommend their commercial cleaning services!
Alessandra Mendes
Alessandra Mendes
February 16, 2024
I recently hired Celestial Commercial Cleaning to clean my office, and I'm thrilled with the results. Paulo, the owner made the process easy and efficient from start to finish. The cleaning crew was punctual, professional and left our office spotless. If you are looking for a reliable cleaning company in San Francisco, I highly recommend their services.
leonardo gomes
leonardo gomes
February 7, 2024
"Highly impressed with Paulo Celestial Cleaning Service! They were punctual, thorough, and left my place sparkling. Definitely recommending them to friends and family!"
Randi Parks
Randi Parks
February 7, 2024
We hired Celestial Cleaning Service for our office cleaning needs and were very pleased with the process. They were very thorough and did a great job. I would highly recommend their janitorial services for anyone looking for office cleaning in San Francisco.
Anthony Palombit
Anthony Palombit
December 9, 2023
Excellent service. The crew did a great job cleaning and were extremely easy to work with.
Phoebe Licata
Phoebe Licata
December 9, 2023
I’m pregnant and needed the help to keep things tidy. Very happy with how my house looks after the Celestial team has visited! Would highly recommend.
Kent Gaisford
Kent Gaisford
November 12, 2023
On time. Went beyond expectations. My house was NEVER this clean. Thank you!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable cleaning services near me
Is a janitor a professional?

Yes, janitors are professional cleaning technicians. All commercial cleaners employed in janitorial cleaning in Oakland are required to register with The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). The best janitorial services make sure that their cleaning technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded to protect the safety and best interest of their clients.

What is the importance of janitorial services?

Besides appearances that are extremely important to every business looking to display its professionalism and attract customers, janitorial cleaning services help keep workplaces clean, decluttered, and working smoothly to create a productive working environment and keep employees healthy and comfortable.

How much time do you need to clean 10 offices?

It’s hard to say since it depends on the size and layout of the working space. Another important consideration is the state of office cleanliness and how much elbow grease is needed to make the place shine. If you have a daily schedule of janitorial services in Oakland, your appointments will take much less time than for businesses that have a weekly plan of janitorial cleaning in place.

How do I create a cleaning schedule for work?

When trying to figure out what would be your ideal schedule for janitorial cleaning, you should take into account the number of people that come in daily, the number of offices, the type of facility, and whether you have common eating areas where people take their meals. Smaller offices may get away with a weekly plan, however, if your workplace is staffed with 5 employees or more, you should opt for a daily plan of janitorial services.

Where can I find the #1 janitorial cleaning service near me in Oakland, CA & the vicinity?

Whether your business is located near Jack London Square or on the far side of the city close to Oakland Zoo, Celestial Cleaning is your leading local provider of janitorial cleaning. With decades of experience, the latest equipment, and a diligent crew of bonded pros, we have all the ingredients businesses need to maintain spotless sanitation in the Bay Area.

From reliable office cleaning in San Francisco and streamlined janitorial services in Berkeley to recurring workplace sanitation in Burlingame and flexible commercial cleaning in San Mateo, we offer a custom-tailored service that adjusts to the unique needs of your enterprise. Keep your place of business ticking, productive, and presentable with our proven and efficient sanitation prowess. Reach out to us today!

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